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Baby shopping

I am currently completely overwhelmed at the thought of the sheer number of things that have to be bought for a baby. This is not actually helped by the fact that it's far too early to start buying things now...I feel like it might actually be calming to buy an item or two, feel like I'm starting to make a dent in the things that I have 34 weeks, more or less, to accomplish. But I don't think I would actually stop, either, and it *is* too early to buy much of anything. And I'm still hoping that when I talk to work in a few weeks, they'll agree to let me go back to Houston a couple months early and get settled before the baby comes, so I don't want to buy tons and tons of baby things here only to have to move them.

In other news, my family all knows now, and everyone's been really great. I knew I'd have their support in the long run, but I was wary of initial reactions and it turns out I didn't need to be. There was surprise, more for some than others, but it's all been good and my parents, in particular, are excited about their new grandchild.

Watching Daily Show reruns from the last week, since I've been having to go to sleep earlier than usual. Think there's any chance this child will be born recognizing Jon's voice as well as mine?

ETA: Early or not, I'm pretty sure I must have this.
Haven't been able to update because I don't log on to livejournal at work and I've had visiting family (who are not aware of these events just yet) at home. This will have to be quick, aunt is in the kitchen cooking dinner (which, btw, has been the best part of having relatives here...) and her grandson is in here watching TV.

ANYway...pregnancy definitely confirmed! Bloodwork on Monday confirmed it, and bloodwork today showed my hormone levels are going up as they should. I'll go back Tuesday for one more blood check, and after that schedule the first sonogram! Once that's confirmed that everything's as it should be, I'll probably start telling family, which will be...interesting.

So it's exciting all around, but like I said, can't really go on and on about it now. But seriously, you guys, there's a person growing inside me. How weird is that?
I'm freaking tired all the time, occasionally nauseous, and my boobs hurt.

I am, of course, ecstatic.

Repeated tests get darker all the time. The one when I woke up just now (at 2 AM, yes, after sleeping since around 8...this would all be fine except that I have family coming Saturday and I haven't cleaned up anything. Friday's going to be an interesting night.) was pretty darn unmistakable. Yay!

I will be calling the doctor today/tomorrow/whatever you call Friday at 2 AM. After I sleep some more, hopefully, since I have to get up a little bit earlier than usual but this is ridiculous...
OMG, you guys.

There is a very very faint blue line on this stick I just peed on.

I'd say I'm not going to get excited until I've confirmed it with another test in the next day or two, but I'd be totally lying.


Waiting game

Well, difficulties with the injection aside (and bruises and needlemarks...no chance I'll be going swimming with the family while in Houston, as I'm not interested in any version of the conversation that would happen if my thighs were visible) all the things that needed to go right did this month. Insurance approved the drugs, and timing happened perfectly...back-to-back IUIs today and tomorrow, a few hours before I leave. I had three good-sized follicles, which means more targets for the swimmers since they haven't been able to hit just one so far, but also means a greater chance of multiples...which was the point and the risk, respectively, of the Follistim. I've read that three or four, depending on the study, gives you the best chance of getting pregnant, and more just increases the risks of multiples. So I'm very happy with three.

So now we hope that either this morning or tomorrow, one - and only one, though right now I can mentally cope with two (three is right out!) - egg gets fertilized, and then, yay! The nurse practitioner at the clinic, who is the person I actually see the most, stuck her head in the room while I was doing the "lie back and wait for ten minutes" thing after the procedure today and said, "Your sample is amazing. Keep hanging with this guy." The doctor has also previously commented that I picked a good donor, but I do enjoy the NP's commentary. She also refers to the deliveries from the sperm bank as my "man in a can." I like her.

So off to Houston tomorrow for a week, and then a week here, and then...well, my aunt and her grandson will be in town and staying with me. So trying to take a test will be interesting, and it may be a few days later than usual before I get a chance. But eventually, we'll see...


So, the first two days on the follistim I had no problems using the pen to inject myself. Then comes now.Collapse )

starting Follistim

Started my first round of injectibles last night - the one I'm taking uses a pen injector, so it wasn't bad. new protocol, insurance, timeCollapse )

Update six months later.

So, as expected, I hardly ever post in my regular LJ, much less this "specialized" one. So here's the update since last November:

As last posted, my first attempt to get pregnant through IUI was unsuccessful. I went to the doctor to start cycle #2, and then was asked to take a business trip that would require me to skip the cycle because I'd be out of town during the time when the IUI would need to happen. I made the decision to take the trip and wait a month; that was a horrible mistake. The work project was hideous and actually required me to skip two cycles before it was done, plus I got horribly sick when it was over and my cycle essentially skipped a month.

I've had three cycles since then. First time, I took clomid (100mg...first time was 50) but did not ovulate, so no IUI. Second time, 100 mg clomid again, ovulated (yay!), and did two back-to-back IUIs...no luck. Third time, I was traveling again...vacation, this time. My cycle is too irregular at the best of times to set dates months in advance, so it wasn't something I could've planned around.

So, it's time to start up again. Signs indicate tomorrow will be the start of a new cycle, so I'll see the doctor on Thursday. We'll be discussing whether it's time to move from Clomid to injectibles. Today is suzy_queue's birthday and my due date would be right before mine...that's gotta be a sign, right?

Nov. 2nd, 2008

Pretty sure I'm not pregnant. I've been testing every morning since Tuesday, which was the first possible day I could get a result on an early response test (bad idea, I know), and nothing's come up positive. And the things that I was hoping were symptoms...cramping, sore breasts...have pretty much stopped. Probably just side effects from the Clomid earlier this cycle. My period hasn't started, but I always have long cycles...this is day 31 of the cycle, and the shortest I usually get is 35 days or so, often longer. I'm basing my testing on the procedure date rather than cycle date, since my cycle is unpredictable but I know when I ovulated and had the IUI.

Obviously if I don't get my period I will check again, but...I think for now I am concluding that it hasn't worked, and calling an end to the crazy testing every day phase. I just hope when my period does come, it times itself well...I am out of town for a week and a half around Thanksgiving (part family and part business, which is why that trip's so long) and another week at Christmas, so if the timing doesn't work out I might have to skip one or both of my next two cycles. :(

5 days past, 9 days until I can test

This whole waiting game is driving me nuts, of course.

I was very optimistic and positive the first three days...of course I had a great chance of getting pregnant this time, everything was going to be perfect, and while I was trying to hold down my hopes, deep inside I was convinced I was pregnant. Yesterday and today, on the other hand, I've become a pessimist...there's no reason to think I'd be lucky enough to conceive on the first IUI, I'm probably not pregnant, and it's going to take several more tries. There's no real reason for me to be thinking either way, just my shifting emotional reactions. Gah, why isn't this two weeks over yet?